We’re Giving:


in 2021 because we can. What will you give?

How It Works:

We pool financial resources from “givers” that are then given to “receivers” with the help of crypto currency, smart contracts, and the blockchain. Receivers can only apply for a one-time donation of $1,000 and must submit either a video or written brief on their story and why they are requesting financial help. Givers have to vote on whether or not they release the money to the receiver. A certain amount of votes from givers automatically approves and sends the financial help to the receiver instantly.

Our Story:

The Brim Give exists because we are choosing to do our part to help make someone’s world a little better. If the secret to living really is giving, then we want to give as much as we can to make everyone’s lives “BRIM”.

Featured Givers

We’re giving $5,000

We’re giving $5,000, that means we’re helping 5 people. Each year we’re increasing the amount of money we’re giving. Help us make this year even more special. 

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Giving is a state of being. We all have something to give.